2018 Distinguished Career Award Recipient – Tim Trainor

Tim Trainor (left) receives the Distinguished Career Award presented by CaGIS President Matt Rice

The CaGIS Board of Directors recognized Timothy Trainor with the Distinguished Career Award, presented at the CaGIS Members Reception on April 12, 2018. CaGIS President Matt Rice (2017-2018) cited Tim Trainor’s 35-year history at the US Census Bureau where he recently served as Chief Geospatial Scientist, and decades of service to the International Cartographic Association, for which CaGIS is the U.S. national representative body. The nomination letter cites “one of the distinguished contemporary careers in the US geospatial community” and Trainor’s significant role in the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), where he currently serves as Co-Chair with Li Pengde (China) and Dorine Burmanje (Netherlands). “Tim Trainor has had a central role in MAF/TIGER, the national address databases, boundary data, road data, and the implementation of improvements in geospatial technology and processes that have saved Census hundreds of millions of dollars.”

In July 2019, Tim Trainor was elected through a vote of a majority of world delegates to be the President of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) for a term of four years. This role is another achievement in a remarkable career and will give Trainor an important role in leading the international cartographic community. In a personal note, Rice stated: “Tim’s influence on my own career, and on the careers of other CaGIS Past Presidents and Officers has been profound. At his retirement celebration, Kaile Bower, a Past President of CaGIS and long-time Census employee remarked on how gracious and inclusive Tim Trainor has been with junior members of the geospatial community and with employees at Census. When participating in meetings, conferences, or events, Tim always brought along a junior member of his staff or a junior member of the community to mentor them, and to help them feel a part of the activity. Tim’s tremendous role in shaping and mentoring future leaders of CaGIS is, by itself, worthy of recognition.” CaGIS offers our congratulations to Tim on his Distinguished Career Award and his recent election to the Presidency of the International Cartographic Association.

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