Student Scholarships and Awards

CaGIS invites applications from students currently pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees to apply to be a Student Assistant at AutoCarto 2020.

Accepted students will receive be provided with a complimentary registration to AutoCarto and a stipend of $750.

CaGIS Student Scholarship Awards

From 2013-19, CaGIS awarded graduate Student Scholarships for students whose research and accomplishments supported the mission of CaGIS. The scholarships recognized academic achievement and encouraged the continuing success of outstanding cartography and geographic information science students. The scholarships also recognized achievement and potential for achievement in original research advancing the specific disciplines of cartography or GIScience. In 2019, the scholarships were reframed to support student participation at the AutoCarto conferences.

Previous winners of the Student Scholarships and their advisors are recognized here:

2019Ph.D.Brent Dell (University of Texas at Dallas)
Advisor: May Yuan
2018Ph.D.Amber Bosse (University of Kentucky)
Advisor: Matthew Wilson
2017Ph.D.Carolyn Fish (Penn State)
Advisor: Cynthia Brewer
Master’sDaniel Stephen (Oregon State)
Advisor: Bernhard Jenny
Master’sKristen Vincent (Wisconsin-Madison)
Advisor: Robert Roth
2016Ph.D.Yingjie Hu (UC Santa Barbara)
Advisor: Krzysztof Janowicz
Master’sKelsi Davis (University of Alabama)
Advisors: Broadbent & Zambrano
Master’sRudy Omri (University of Oregon)
Advisor: Amy Lobben
2015Ph.D.Bojan Šavrič (Oregon State University)
Advisor: Bernhard Jenny
Master’sPai Hui Yu (Arizona State University)
Advisor: Stephanie Deitrick
Master’sAnnalisa Ingegno (University of Montana)
2014Ph.D.Song Gao (UC Santa Barbara)
Advisors: Janowicz & Goodchild
Master’sMingshu Wang (University of Georgia)
Advisor: Marguerite Madden
Master’sHelena Merschdorf (University of Salzburg, Austria)
Advisor: Thomas Blaschke
2013Ph.D.Alexandre Bevington (University of Ottawa)
Advisor: Antoni Lewkowicz
Master’sJohn Brakeall (Florida International University)
Advisor: Jeffrey Onsted
Master’sPaulo Raposo (Penn State University)
Advisor: Cynthia Brewer

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