International Cartographic Exhibition

29th International Cartographic Exhibition

The 29th International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE – was held during the 2019 International Cartographic Conference (ICC – in Tokyo, Japan, from July 16–19, 2019.

US entries in the 29th International Cartographic Exhibition.

Photos of the entries from the US, USGS, and Esri can be seen here. Map award winners are announced on the ICA website at

About the ICE

The U.S. National Committee for the International Cartographic Association (ICA – organizes the entry of maps and other cartographic items for the United States in the International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE) which is held in conjunction with the International Cartographic Conference (ICC –

For the U.S., participation is open to all U.S. map makers and others to submit their cartographic products, including paper maps and charts, atlases, digital products, digital services, educational cartographic products, and other cartographic products (including globes and tactile maps). All submitted items must have been produced or modified after August 2017 (the date of the last ICC). Submissions are displayed in the International Cartographic Exhibition and in the conference app available to attendees. All submitted items are judged by a cartographic jury during the ICC, and winners are announced during the Closing Ceremony.

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