USNC Travel Funding

Travel funding was made available through the US National Committee to the International Cartographic Association (USNC-ICA) to help American and international scholars at U.S. institutions attend the 29th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Tokyo, Japan, July 15-20, 2019.

Support is based on a competitive evaluation of submitted materials, including an abstract and a short curriculum vitae. The number of scholars supported and the amount of support is contingent upon available funds. Preference is given to early career scholars (graduate students and those completing their Ph.D. in the last 5 years). Of these, single-authored abstracts will be given preference. Support for non-early career scholars is also available, with preference given to CaGIS members.

Travel funding is contingent upon acceptance of abstracts by the ICC organizing committee. Notification of travel funding is therefore made after the abstracts accepted for conference presentation have been determined.

To apply, submit a copy of your ICC abstract and a one-page vitae clearly indicating your career status (early career scholar or not). Include both of these in a single PDF or Word document titled “Lastname ICC Abstract.pdf” (or .doc or .docx), where Lastname is the last name of the first author. Only one abstract per author will be considered, including co-authorship. Send the abstract/vitae document to Aileen Buckley, (, Chair of the USNC-ICA, at the same time you submit your abstract to participate in ICC (

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